YOUTH4CLIMATE: Taking Actions Before it’s too Late

Story of Greta, the real star!

Youth from all over the world are organizing themselves as a united force against climate change. Credit goes to Friday for Future, A Global Youth and children led movement was started by a 15-year-old Greta Thunberg from Stockholm, Sweden. She one day decided to stop going to school and instead sat outside the Swedish parliament every Friday as a sign of protest for the governments to take necessary actions for maintaining Paris agreement targets.

Extremely sad and disappointed by the fact that, the biggest Global actors who co-drafted the Paris agreement are not upholding the principles and promises it is based on, Greta dropped from school thinking if education doesn’t make people take a stand for their environment and if the necessary actions to combat Climate challenges are not taken what kind of future everyone is heading to, where the future is dark and the planet is unsafe!

15-year-old Greta who is not a scientist but holds a strong message for the world that in case we continue at the rate we are now, by the year 2030 we will set off an irreversible chain reaction which will trigger events beyond human control and there will be no coming back from that. She believes that in order to actually achieve the target of Paris agreement the politicians across the world must come together. Furthermore, Friday for future(FFF) as a global movement demands the world parliaments to accurately portray the Climate crisis to the general public and for the governments to recognize that as Youth, we have the greatest stake in our future by incorporating our views into policy making.  

Indian Youth and Climate Change

As a country with the largest Youth population, Indian Youth undoubtedly can be the biggest contributor to protect the planet. India is also the fourth highest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, accounting for 7 percent of global emissions in 2017. Hence, the Global Youth movement alone in Europe and America would not be effective without the same level of participation by Youth from fastest growing economies like India and China.

Inspired by the chain of events that shook Europe in the last year, we started a process to disseminate information about these Global movements to the local Youth communities we work with. We are now translating these International documentary films about FFF movement into Hindi and regional languages and screening them at the community level.

IGSSS and Youth Action Groups

Yield is celebrating the 1st week of June as environment week. On 3rd June we celebrate the World cycle day by riding cycles through a marathon to promote clean and sustainable mobility in Delhi. 40 Youth ride bikes in different parts of Delhi with placards and slogans. The same day we screened the first documentary about FFF with 40 Youth who are motivated now and wants to take the movement further by pledging FFF awareness rallies on upcoming Friday. On June, 5 we are celebrating world environment day by documentary screening and on June 7, we are doing a FFF awareness rally at Connaught place.

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