Unleashing Youth Potential

Youth as change-makers and future leaders

According to projections, India will continue to have one of the youngest populations in the world by 2030. While youth has been shining on all stages, there is still a chunk of issues that they are facing including access to education, gainful employment, gender inequality, child marriage, and youth-friendly spaces. The active engagement of youth in development efforts is central to achieving sustainable development goals. With investments in their capacity and leadership building, young people can transform the social and economic fortunes of the country.

Our Approach

We believe in orienting the youth to develop the right attitude and skill set, encouraging them to be active citizens through sensitizing them on the structures of the governance process, making them the agents of peace and conflict resolutions and informing and engaging them in discussions on issues of social concern can trigger profound transformation in the society. Our Urban Youth Leadership Programme (UYLP) is a training and capacity building for curious emerging young leaders from the communities to start learning and working on urban issues and to possibly start a career as a development professional. The aim is to create and sustain a new line of young active professionals who will address the fast-changing urban reality in the major cities of India.

Target Groups