Climate Resilience

Local Solutions for a Global Problem

The climate change crisis is perhaps the biggest issue humankind has ever faced. During the last two decades, its effects have intensified and felt all over the world. It has disturbed the most fragile ecologies, created food insecurity, exacerbated inequality, created disasters, and forced people to migrate. Building climate resilience requires not only recognizing potential hazards like extreme weather events but also understanding the underlying vulnerabilities that may affect recovery from them. Rising to the challenges posed by the climate change crisis, governments and civil societies around the world are working hand in hand and focusing to build synergies between climate change adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development.

Our Approach

We work on building climate resilience in both rural and urban communities. We believe in local indigenous solutions to deal with this global issue. In the rural areas, we promote climate-smart agricultural practices, soil and water conservation and management, natural resource management and the introduction of sustainable technologies (clean energy, weather forecasting and agro advisory). We recognize the implication of rapidly increasing urbanization and its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. Working on the vulnerability issues of urban settlement, we are concentrating our work on increasing green spaces, waste management, urban farming and integrating disaster risk reduction into urban planning through coalition building. Networking with innovators, local, regional and national organizations, technical experts and research institutions has enabled us to create some innovative solutions.

Target Groups