What we do

Sustainable Livelihood

Improve the quality of life of the excluded communities

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Urban Poverty Reduction

Reduce residential, social and occupational vulnerability

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Disaster Risk Reduction

Build a resilient and empowered community in natural disaster and conflict situations

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Gender Equity

Ensure parity in opportunity, access and control over resources/entitlements irrespective of any gender

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Youth Development

Unleash the potential of young people as active citizens to contribute to the development of society

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Climate Change Adaptation

Reduce vulnerabilities and better adapt to climate change through sustainable pathways

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News & Announcements

International Youth Day

24 August 2020
Youth Development

International Youth Day : Celebrating the power of YOUTH! When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, most of the countries announced a nationwide...

Youth Leadership in COVID times

24 August 2020
Youth Development

21st August 2020 An online training session was organised by the Kashmir team for a group of 20 youth on the theme “Recognizing true leadership...


Towards Zero Waste Cities

21 January 2022

Waste management crisis in India With the ever-increasing population and urbanization in India, waste management has become a major challenge,...

Giving Youth a Chance to Tackle the Waste Problem of India

10 September 2021
Climate ChangeYouth Development

You’ve seen 15-year-old volunteering for clean-up drives on a Sunday wearing a cap, gloves, and masks, holding a stick and a garbage bag and you’ve...