What we do

Sustainable Livelihood

Improve the quality of life of the excluded communities

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Urban Poverty Reduction

Reduce residential, social and occupational vulnerability

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Disaster Risk Reduction

Build a resilient and empowered community in natural disaster and conflict situations

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Gender Equity

Ensure parity in opportunity, access and control over resources/entitlements irrespective of any gender

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Youth Development

Unleash the potential of young people as active citizens to contribute to the development of society

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Climate Change Adaptation

Reduce vulnerabilities and better adapt to climate change through sustainable pathways

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Projects IGSSS Supprts

News & Announcements

Exposure Visit: Taking Learning Outside the Room

27 March 2019
Youth Development

On 11th March, IGSSS concluded the exposure visit of community youth leaders to Mumbai in partnership with YUVA. The exposure visit was organized to...

IGSSS launched Su-Poshan: A program for Ensuring Food and Nutrition Security for the Marginalized

15 March 2019

IGSSS launched Su-poshan (Sustainable Provision and Occupation through Social Action for Improved Nutrition) program during a Key Stakeholder...


Happy Pride Month!

12 June 2020
Gender Programmes

Sex and Gender. We often have been using them interchangeably in our daily lives. However, these two words, in terms of meanings, are related but...

Seed Balls Promoting Bio-Diversity

12 June 2020
Sustainable Livelihood

Seed Balls are enabling the community to restore Nature and the Environment. We live in times when biodiverse species and trees have become...