Health, Nutrition and Sanitation

Enhancing the availability of nutritious food and building healthy communities

India accounts for one of the highest percentages of malnourished and stunted children. While malnutrition is directly associated with insufficient nutritional intake, underlying contributing factors, such as lack of access to safe water and toilets, resulting in many infectious diseases which contribute further to malnutrition. The same can be said for pregnant and lactating mothers, especially the ones living in far-flung remote villages.

Our Approach

Proper sanitation and hygiene and the availability of safe drinking water can reduce undernutrition and stunting in children. We promote adequate hygiene behaviour, such as handwashing, keeping the homes and toilets clean and eating healthy and nutritious food. Our nutrition camps help in identifying malnourished children where we counsel their parents, demonstrate indigenous nutritious recipes from locally available food and, if required, refer these children to the government’s Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres (NRCs). We also promote kitchen gardens and support the communities in establishing them. In terms of infrastructure development, we install safe drinking water systems in villages and schools and renovate public toilets.

Target Groups

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