Unleasing the Potential of the Youth

Maruvi Sangkhro, from Chingjui village, Ukhrul District, Manipur, is the only daughter in her family survived by her mother. Her father passed away in 2017. She is a school dropout. Her mother is physically weak and cannot be left alone. Thus all the responsibility of supporting the family lies on her shoulders alone. 

“Since 2017 I had been looking for an opportunity where I can at least do something at home and get some income to support my family”, said Maruvi. She came to know about the ‘Food processing Training by IGSSS Ukhrul’ through a WhatsApp group. She along with her mother visited the office after which she immediately enrolled for the training. The ‘Skill To Succeed (S2S)’ training programme is sponsored by Quest Alliance, Bangalore wherein youths are exposed to a blended learning curriculum which includes learning both soft and hard skills. This helps the youth in chiselling and refine their innate talents for self-sustenance.

She regularly attended the 25 days intensive training programme. When enquired about the experiences of the training, she replied with a smile “I found my passion. Since childhood, I had the hobby of cooking and preparing foods. This training has turned that passion into a profession.”

After the training, it was not easy for her to start her own venture as she lacked monetary support. She borrowed money from her relatives and with it purchased the raw materials for the food processing. After a week or so, she started selling to nearby homes and shops. She could not express in words the joy of making her first sale. Now she has also attracted a few regular customers who come to her house to buy the products. She also delivers them personally.

“One day I plan to have my own stall where I would sell different kinds of pickles and foods. This would be my dream come true. I really appreciate IGSSS for timely support and encouragement. Thank you for showing our youth the right path and for giving us hope again”, said Maruvi.