Name of the Project: Vistar


Process Documentation of Contingency Plan development and its approval process in ViSTAR project areas of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.


Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) is a non-profit organization working with the mandate for the humane social order based on truth, justice, freedom and equity. Established in 1960, IGSSS works for development, capacity building and enlightenment of the vulnerable communities across the country for their effective participation in development.

Indo Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) is implementing project titled ViSTAR Village Strengthening through Adaptation and Resilience (ViSTAR) for Building Climate Resilient Villages and Adaptive capacity of the small and marginal farmers. There is component of conserving energy and reduce GHG emissions through access to affordable energy.

The programme focuses on Demonstration of climate resilient interventions through CRV models (weather, carbon, water, and energy) by linking with GPDP and other programmes. Seed and Crop Management, Drought Tolerant Kharif and Legume based Rabi crops and Agro forest models. Soil nutrition management-Promotion of zero tillage, mulching, FYM, Soil testing and apply of FYM and compost, Promotion of crop residue mulching. Water Management- Water Harvesting, Broad bed furrow, trench, landscape planning. Energy Management- Energy Saving interventions (Solar pump sets and other solutions, smokeless oven, Minimum tillage) and Weather management

IGSSS invites Expressions of Interest from individual/group consultant/consultants for process documentation of steps of contingency plan development, presentation, and approval in Gramsabha, and implantation process. The process will be started from 15th May 2023 and will be completed by 20th June 2023. 

Interested consultants/institutions are requested to send in their detailed budget plan along with CV to by 10th May 2023. Also share documents of any such earlier study conducted by the consultant.


The consultant should have;

  • Expertise in Process Documentation.
  • Experience in developing participatory planning using PRA tools.
  • Experience in project impact evaluation, appreciative inquiry process, on community development plan and Gram Panchayat Development Plan.
  • Excellent analytical and drafting skill.

Objective of the contingency and mitigation plan: 

  • Process Documentation of Contingency Plan development and its approval process in ViSTAR project areas of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh

Following are the process and steps of the process documentation of contingency plan:

  • Process of Contingency Plan development
  • Tools used for analysis of issues 
  • Review and analysis of village level action plans for mitigate the impact of disasters through preparedness at community level. 
  • Process and steps of village wise action plans approval in Gramsabha 
  • Implantation and monitoring process.
  • Team consisting of Facilitator and local Co facilitators/Volunteers and selected Gram Panchayat would be involved in the process.

Following are the processes and steps of the process documentation: 

Consultant will have to physically visit the project villages, discuss with the community, village level institutions, PRI representatives, frontline workers, project team, and submit the report to IGSSS. 


Project villages of Chhatarpur and Panna of MP, Mahoba of UP and Yavatmal and Wardha of Maharashtra

Steps & Timeline:

Sl No  Steps  Timeline 
1 Signing ToR  By 15th May 2023
2 Submission of methodology/questionnaire/ checklist for study  By 20th May 2023
    • Field exercise using participatory tools. 
  • Data collection and analysis
By 5th June 2023 
4 Submission of draft report incorporation of suggestions / feedback given by IGSSS  By 12th June 2023
5 Submission of final plan  By 15th June 2023
6 Submission of invoice  By 20th June 2023


  • Process Documentation, preparation and submission of the report covering following points. 
      • What is climate contingency plan?
      • ViSTAR project and Importance of contingency plan
      • Roles and responsibility of IGSSS & Community for development of contingency plan
      • Process of Mahola & Gram Sabha for collective visioning, Plan cycle/ process, Tools used for situation analysis, resource identifications, Data collection and analysis, Preparation of maps.
      • Issues, opportunities and ranking.  
      • Solutions/ work plan  
      • Presentation of plan and approval 
      • Sharing with line departments 
      • Mobilization of resources 
      • Community Monitoring  
      • Future plan of community 
      • Methodology
    • FGD with community and different stakeholders like PRI Representative, GP & Block level Govt officials (representatives/ frontline workers participated in special Gram Sabha)
    • Data collection and analysis (nos and types of plans presented by the community, nos of plan approved by the Grampanchyat and line department, nos of plan executed, nos of plan under progress, brief impact etc) 

Name of Authority:  

Indo Global Social Service Society (https://www/

Opening and screening of EoI :

  • Submission of EoI does not guarantee that the EoI will be accepted.
  • IGSSS will inform the shortlisted consultants 
  • Personal canvassing is strictly prohibited.

Signing of ToR:

After the final selection, IGSSS and the selected consultant will enter into agreement as per the existing norms, rules and regulation of IGSSS.

Terms of Payment

Fees will be paid in two installments:

  • 1st installment i.e., 50% of the fees will be released immediately upon signing of the TOR
  • 2nd Installment and final installment i.e., 50% of fees will be released within one week of completion of the assignment and handover of all documents.
  • The consultant will produce bill for the entire fees for release of final installment.