Youth Development

Our Philosophy

Unleash the potential of young people as active citizens to contribute to the development of society.

The developmental status of any society is reflected by the level of motivation and commitment of the youth in the community. We believe orienting the youth to develop the right attitude and skill set, encouraging them to be active citizens through sensitizing them on the structures of governance process, making them the agents of peace and conflict resolutions and informing and engaging them in discussions on issues of social concern can trigger profound transformation in the society.


How We Work

  • Ensuring the active participation of youth in democratic process
  • Helping youth negotiate with daily situation of conflict & stress
  • Constructive engagement in peace building through formation of peace committees (with particular emphasis on women peace-makers)
  • Initiating critical discussions to address subjects of social change
  • Life Skill Training to youth for problem solving, negotiation and daily living
  • Training on developing entrepreneurship skills
  • Vocational Training for facilitating gainful employment
  • Young people as champions of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), Climate Change Adaptation and Peace Building

Youth Development Projects



Youth Initiative for Empowering Leadership and Development (YIELD) programme is a youth initiative aimed at empowering marginalized youths from different slums in Delhi. The goal of this project is to facilitate young people to reclaim their own locus of control and...

Youth Education for Peace in Kashmir

Youth Education for Peace in Kashmir

Youth Education for Peace (YEP) programme was introduced to increase youth participation in community development. This project is an effort to make the youth potential information pools for their communities apart from enhancing their problem solving capacities....

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