Urban Poverty Reduction

Our Philosophy

Reduce residential, social and occupational vulnerability of the urban poor by making cities inclusive for everyone.

Cities in India have been bursting at its seams with increasing population; its infrastructure hardly proportionate to the rapid growth. The worst affected are the poor, working primarily in the informal sector. We know that a safe refuge called home, three square meals a day, access to basic amenities like health, water and sanitation and the right to earn a decent living can uplift the lives of thousands of urban informal sector workers or as we call them, the City Makers.


How We Work

  • Informing communities on Right to Work, Right to Shelter and Right to Live a dignified life as citizens
  • Working with urban governance institutions and civil society organizations on issues of urban poverty
  • Building community leadership
  • Building alliances and partnerships
  • Working with diverse groups of urban poor – Wastepickers, domestic workers, construction and daily wage labourers, homeless, commercial sex workers, slum and resettlement colony dwellers
  • Facilitating building of city level collectives and state level federations, pan India.

Urban Poverty Reduction Projects

Cities for All

Cities for All

The central belief of the Samaveshi Sheher (Inclusive Cities) programme  has been that the "cities must promote for all its residents, equal access to housing facilities, civic amenities, services and opportunities for leading lives of dignity." Operating under the...

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