Small Steps, Big Impact – Ahshan is Showing the Way!

Child-rearing and household chores are generally considered to be the sole responsibility of women. Ahshan Ali’s perception was not different from society. For him, providing money to run the household was enough contribution. He never tried to understand and share the workload of his wife. Little did he know that he was able to work at ease and provide for the family because of his wife toiling day and night.

Since attending the training, “Gender Right and Positive Parenting” organized by IGSSS under its project, “Building Capacity for Peace and Sustainability” in their village Odina (Kashmir), Ahshan experienced a change in his perception and behaviour.

The session was an eye-opener for him. Initially, he was doubtful about how the training would be beneficial for him and his family. However, during the training, he came across deliberations and exercises highlighting the workload of women at home. The whole process was an eye-opener for him, He realized the contribution of his wife doing unpaid work without rest while being additionally burdened with the responsibility of rearing the child. He started sharing household work and taking care of the baby whenever possible. It helped him reconnect and bond with his daughter like never before.

Breaking the societal norms, Ahshan sets an example for other men in his village that parenting is a shared responsibility of both mother and father. This small action of Ahshan is crucial to creating a gender-equal society.