Bund cultivation – A simple initiative for nutrition security

IGSSS is implementing the CRAFT-K project in 20 villages of the remote Karlamunda Block of Kahalandi District. The block is prone to both drought like situation and flash floods. The project aims to support vulnerable farmers adopt Climate resilient agri-practies.

As part of the land development initiatives, Earthen Bund and Contour bunds were planned in 36 farmers’ fields in 5 villages, a total of 11,767 running meter. These would help in immediate checking of flash floods, reduce the velocity of runoff and soil erosion, retain water behind the bund and support water infiltration. This would in turn help in ground water recharging and provide additional space to grow variety of crops.

The Village Development Committee (VDC) decided to grow nutrient rich crops on the bunds and use only natural mulching.

“I am very happy that this year I did not have to buy green gram, black gram and Arhar dal from market. I have harvested 60 kg black gram,  19 kg Green gram,  22 kg Til from 282 running meter farm bund. I estimate that I will harvest about 60 kg of Arhar. I find it hard to believe that it was only 4 month ago that I learnt from Village Development committee and IGSSS staffs about bund cultivation and their economic profit. I have not only been able to produce a variety of nutrient rich pulses, but have also been able to protect my main crop paddy from insects as these are natural deterrents. The crops strengthened the bunds which protected the paddy in the heavy rains. I now truly believe in this simple system which has yielded so much benefits in such a short time” says from Lakhpati Majhi from Siletpada village.

The Assistant Agriculture Officer, Karlamunda participated in assessment of the bund cultivation. He shared “The Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for adult male and female is 60 gm pulses per day as they are a chief source of vegetable protein in the human diet. The deficiency of protein often leads to Protein-Energy-Malnutrition (PEM) causing various forms of anaemia. Besides, nutritive value of pulses in human diet, food legumes crops also  fix atmospheric nitrogen to N- compounds and provide soil cover that helps to sustain soil health”. The bund cultivation has the power to make a village nutrition rich village”.