Automated Solar Weather Stations: A Breakthrough Model

“Getting information in time and in our language is a big help. I saved my potato crop as I got the information about hailstorm well in advance”, said a farmer in Girdih, Jharkhand. 750 farmers in Mahoba and Girdih are accessing agro advisory in local language through mobile text messages and the agroweather bulletin board. Two automatic solar powered weather Stations have been installed to provide agro advisory services for small farm holders. The services are managed by 175 local Climate Change Volunteers trained by IGSSS. The localised timely information is helping these farmers to reduce the risk and uncertainty in a climate change-induced farming crisis situation. The weather prediction data is analysed by an expert group comprising of weather experts, climatologists and resource farmers from the local area and a 5-day region-specific agro-advisory in the local language are being developed.