Eating fresh vegetables everyday without needing to pay a single penny, isn’t it fantastic? Well, we get to do that every day. All thanks to my nutrition garden. However, life here at Kolsur village is not so easy. We live close to the Ganges and every year when it turns ferocious, it sweeps our homes and crops. Rebuilding on an empty stomach has always been a struggle. My husband and father in law migrate to nearby towns every year in search for work during such times. As they toil hard in the cities to earn some money, the onus lies with the women in the family to look for food and help survive the difficult days. However, since Swanirvar trained us on flood adaptive nutrition kitchen garden, my crops no longer get washed away during recurring floods. I am growing 15 varieties of vegetables in my garden which is sufficient to feed my family and also earn some profit by selling in the market. If everything goes well nobody will have to migrate from my family for food and money in the near future. Now, I admit all is not going to be rosy; it is going to be a lot of hard work for sustenance. But I love my family and I love my garden and I believe that love helps us thrive.” Monica, Kolsur village, North 24 Pargana, West Bengal.