“Everyone in my family thought I was losing my mind. For endless hours I would sit by the window and keep staring outside. We live in a small one room house. With utmost difficulty I completed my graduation and thought I would be a teacher someday. But the journey between dreams and reality is a long one. I struggled for months for a job but without any success. There was no one to guide me as well. Finally, seeing me plunge into depression, my two friends forced me to join this computer centre in our slum. Today, I am a computer teacher in Dayanand model public school. Is it not great when you get to do every day, what you love the most? Now I no longer sit by the window, the world outside is too exciting.” Santosh Sharma, Baljeet Nagar Slum, New Delhi.

Santosh was provided free computer training under the ‘Sustainable Livelihood Options for Urban Poor Slum Residents’ programme supported by Citibank India.