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Senapati District Student Association (SDSA) and Kuki Student Organisation (KSO) are two influential student bodies in Senapati district of Manipur. SDSA comprises of members from Naga community and members of KSO are from the Kuki community and they both work on the issue of youth development. A conflict in the 90’s between the two communities resulted in mass destruction, deaths and displacement. The intervention of the State Government helped the conflict between the two communities get resolved however there always existed a subtle tension and discord between them. During its intervention in the Senapati district, IGSSS under the SMILE initiative started taking efforts towards initiating dialogues through networking with both these two influential student organisations.


After a series of initial level meetings, it was decided to conduct a district level PEACE programme at Senapati Indoor Stadium on the theme of ‘Building Relationship through Music’. Around 2500 people such as community leaders, cultural representatives, chiefs, village authorities, educationist, political representatives, youth leaders, and students cutting across all boundaries participated in this event.


This initiative proved to be successful and now the two student organisations are taking positive steps towards burying the hatchet of the past and promoting better relations and peaceful co – existence between the Kuki and Naga community.