Tengagarah village is inhabited by 39 households of which 20 belong to the economically and socially backward tribal community. The sources of village water were contaminated with iron and arsenic. The village folks were suffering from various waterborne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, skin diseases, etc. IGSSS provided a Mark III hand pump in the middle of each 10 tribal families. Once the installation of the hand Pump was done, IGSSS conducted a test of the drinking water at the Rural Laboratory, Gogamukh (established by UNICEF) and still found arsenic beyond permissible limit. IGSSS then provided Kanchan Arsenic Filter which can remove arsenic and make water drinkable and portable. The Kanchan Arsenic Filter (KAF) decreased the levels of arsenic from 0.05mg/l to 0.02 mg/l which is safe for drinking purposes.