“Ours is a long and long struggle with hunger. We are 28 households in Kundeijharan village, living with similar stories of poverty and deprivation. Even though we have land available for farming but lack of knowledge on improved farming techniques affected us the most. This has contributed to less production and consequently led to food insecurity. But since we got involved with Seba Jagat, we are learning new things. I have attended several sessions on organic farming, a low cost intensive technique which will not only help to increase yield but will also help in healthy cultivation. I have stopped using chemical fertilisers completely and this season cultivated tomato, brinjal and bitter gourd using vermi compost. The transition has been very economical, as I spent Rs.200 to buy organic composts as against Rs.1500 required for chemical fertilizers. Besides, the plants are much healthy this time with no pest attached. A lot of my fellow farmers have also shifted to organic ways of farming. Days are getting harder but learning anew and adapting is our hope.” Baidehi Patra, Kundeijharan village, Kalahandi, Odisha.