“I am a happy mother now. I could not afford education, but my three children Misbah, Gulsam and Faizaan are currently in seventh, third and first standard respectively. Two years back, it all seemed very difficult. My husband, who used to sell vegetables door to door, suddenly fell ill and was bedridden. I took up tailoring to feed the family. It grew very challenging to run the household with our financial situation getting worse and with no help in sight. My children had to drop out of school as I was not able to pay their fees. That was very heartbreaking for me. Now, my tailoring initiative is gradually picking up and my husband’s treatment has also started. Another wonderful thing to happen is that my children have started attending school. Laxmi facilitated the enrolment of my three children in a Government school where they are getting free education. Besides, the team from Laxmi also helped them with free tutorial classes which boosted their confidence. As they now go to school everyday, it fills me with hope.” Salma, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh.