By Proshin Ghosh, Senior Programme Officer, Kolkata, IGSSS


Awareness on the facilities of labor cards

An awareness meeting with women labourers on the facilities of labor cards


Ranchi, Jharkhand: “Sorry Didi, whenever I saw your group at Doranda Labour market, I used to hide and run away, I wish I never did that…” said Pinki [not in picture] with a smile. Pinki, in her early twenties, works as a labor in the Doranda labor market in Ranchi. She was talking excitedly while holding her newly received Labour card which will help her access as many as 18 social benefits and entitlements. And she is not alone when she says that she avoided coming to the meetings and joining the group.



Pinki has recently joined the Chandni women collective comprising women laborers in Ranchi. There are 23 women in the collective who attended training on labor rights organized by EKJUT; the implementing partner of IGSSS funded Samaveshi Seher Program for urban poor in Ranchi. These women learnt about social benefits and entitlements and got enrolled with the Department of Labor immediately after the training. Like Pinki, other women in the collective can now access those 18 benefits for them and for their families.



Ekjut_LabourCardReceivedBy23CollectivesMembers1Pinki is happy and understood the importance of being associated with the women collective. She is now excited to learn that she will be getting bicycle which she can use for commuting. The women of the collective are sensitizing other women laborers in helping them know their rights and encouraging them to join their collective.



EKJUT through IGSSS Samveshi Seher Project is supporting womens like Pinki to learn about their rights and access them.


Some of the benefits of the the Labour Card are:


1. Bicycle after one year of registration

2. Annual scholarship for kid’s education

3. Support to the family members for accidental death

4. Health & medical insurance

5. Pension benefits after 60 year old

6. Free wage for 6 weeks at the time of pregnancy

7. Insurance for critical diseases

8. Participate in skill development program at free of cost

9. Stitching machine for alternative scope of income after one year of registration

10. Two times support at the time of marriage of son & daughter

11. Support to the family members for cremation

12. Accidental insurance

13. Support to the family members after death

14. Pension for education & other needs for daughters.