The unprecedented rains and floods had caused a lot of sufferings and misery for the people of Kerala. After severe rains in Kerala August 2018, the focus has shifted to recovery and rehabilitation. During the floods, many sources of water got contaminated. More than 30 community wells were sabotaged under the deluge in Kanikuzhy village, Idukki district leaving 1000 households left with no option but to use contaminated water.



One of the wells which were used by the 200 school children and 10 households was filled with mud during the floods leaving the water not fit for drinking. However, the school was using contaminated water as they didn’t have any other water resource. In consultations with the Panchayat, IGSSS decided to clean the well for providing safe water to the local community. The well was cleaned and now it is providing clean water to the school children and families living nearby. To sustain this intervention, IGSSS trained the village WASH committee and trained them on how to keep the well clean. We have also provided water filters and executed campaigns on sanitation and hygiene in Wayanad, Idduki and Alleppey district.