“My father passed away when I was only 8 years. Responsibility of entire family fell upon my shoulders. As a marginal farmer, I was finding it difficult. Huge loans and high interest rate was pushing me to extreme poverty. Seeing my family suffer, I was getting depressed and took to alcohol. But training by SAMERTH on SRI (System of Rice Intensification) and kitchen gardening changed things for the better. I started kitchen gardening by sowing chilly and tomato seeds. I was astonished to produce 15 quintals of tomato and 5 quintals of chilly. After preserving some for self-consumption, I sold the rest in the market and earned a profit of Rs.25,000. After a gap of several years, I bought clothes for my children, mother, wife and sisters. And with the remaining amount, purchased two buffaloes. I now till my own land; neither do I need to migrate for labour work nor do I borrow.” Surgun Ram, Surguja district,Chhattisgarh.