My house is always filled with children. Children from our slum keep coming to me. We talk a lot. Sometimes I teach them too. It was a welcome opportunity for me, when with the support of Hriday organization, I got a fellowship to teach in the Jyotirmayee Primary school. There are nearly 400 households in our jyotirmayee slum and mostly children from such impoverished families attends this school. However, we were struggling with high dropout ratio. With most parents working in informal sector to fend for the families, they are hardly able to pay any attention to the children’s education, which escalated the problem. Besides, the traditional approach of teaching was also of no help. A training on new approach on children’s education facilitated by Jyotirmayee Slum Development committee and local education officer gave me some direction. I have increasingly started using art, dance and skits towards teaching the children. The creative learning approach is fast catching with the children. Gradually engagement is increasing and there is a significant decline in the dropout ratio. Still, there is a long way to go, but I like those little happy faces and hope they remember me the same.” Sonia Mahato, Jyotirmayee Slum Colony, Siliguri, West Bengal.