I could not read and write. It never really bothered me until my children started attending school. I used to feel bad that I am unable to participate in the learning process of my children. That is why when the functional literacy classes started in our Kopaganj village, I became very eager to participate. But ours is a male dominated village and my husband was no exception. He not only refused to let me attend the classes but would pass insultory remarks in front of my children. I used to feel very helpless but would meekly endure his abuse. I was withering from inside until one day I decided to take charge. I told him assertively that I will be attending the classes and if he wanted to keep an eye on what I was doing, he could come with me everyday. It was a blessing in disguise. Not only did I learn anew and gained confidence, but my husband is a much changed person. We now take all decisions together be it for our children, home or external affairs. He has grown to respect my choices and spaces, besides also helps me with household chores. I feel it is our biggest gain since we became part of the Positive Fatherhood initiative.” – Gauri Bhoi, Mau district, Uttar Pradesh.