Reported By: Northeast Team 


Lakhimpur, AssMukunda Saikia 1am: Misfortune always comes uninformed. Hell broke upon the people of Paschim Kharkati village under Telahi Block, Lakhimpur on the fateful night of 14th August 2014. When the people of Pashcim Kharkati were fast asleep, the Ranganadi river breached the embankment in the middle of the night. The entire village was submerged under flood for more than a week. All goods and livestock were washed away by the devastating flood. People took shelter on the part of the embankment which was not breached by the flood.


Mukunda Saikia, a 54 year old native, described his experience of the devastating flood as miserable. The flood waters washed away his house, goods and livestock. They were unable to save anything as the flood came unexpectedly at an odd time. It was night time and with great difficulty they could find the embankment to save themselves from being drowned and washed away by the raging flood.


As part of emergency relief, Mukunda and his family were provided with clothes, buckets, mugs, soaps, hygiene kit and cash as immediate help. Further, a house was constructed for the family under the project Restoration and Reconstruction supported by United Way of Life- which helped them to move out of the temporary tarpaulin shelter they were living under to a safe refuge. With the cash support, Mukunda started livestock rearing which fetched reasonable income for him helped rebuild his life. Presently, Mukunda Saikia is the president of the Village Development Committee and is extensively  working for the betterment of his village.