The fight for identity and rights for women isn’t new in our society. The evil roots of patriarchal mindsets have given rise to women’s objectification on a very high level.

Ashwini, a local resident of Pawai, Mumbai is living with her daughter, mother, and brother. She has left her drunkard and violent husband as he was no less than a liability to her. She was solely responsible for the entire livelihood and earning bread and butter.

She wasn’t a woman who would give up on life and be hopeless, she got associated with the  Field team of NDWM (National Domestic Workers’ Movement), working under IGSSS. Under Samaveshi Sheher program, she was given regular counseling and functional literacy, at last, the great cook Ashwini was motivated to begin her own startup, a small scale tiffin service. All she needed was a push from her old life and support to give her that faith of leap. 

With the constant support from her mother and brother today, she earns Rs1500 per day by running a tiffin service for 50 school teachers and a tiffin service stall near Ghatkopar Station in Mumbai. Her life has undergone a considerable transformation as she is able to educate her child and live a life that incorporates dignity and self-dependency.