IGSSS is implementing Creating Livelihood Adaption under Drought (CLAD) project with 5 partners of
Khunti, Godda, Gridih, Palamu Districts in Jharkhand. The project aims at building the resilience of small and
marginal farmers to combat the effects of drought, hunger, and food insecurity.
A “District Level Farmers Seminar with the exhibition” organized at Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK),
Fitkoriya, Giridih on 8th  February 2019 attended by farmers from all over the district. There were stalls
displaying the farmer’s crops at the exhibition. A panel comprising Land Development Officer, District
Agriculture Officer, Block Technical Manager from ATMA, Agriculture Specialist from KVK, District
Council president of a local party surveyed the displays at the exhibition. The exhibits were
judged on the basis of growth, color, chemical-free, healthy (not affected by pests) etc.
Several farmers from project villages participated in the exhibition. From the Manjori Village, Ratan
was awarded the first prize for mustard crop, Yadu Saw received second prize for French Beans and
Toofani Singh received the second prize for a local variety of sugar cane – Kajri 15’ length. From Fitkoriya
village, Chirawdin Ansari and Shailesh Yadav from received third prize each for wheat and pumpkin
and Nunlal Yadav received the first prize for pumpkin respectively.
All six received “District Level Certificate” by the District Agriculture Officer. They agricultural implements. They are very excited after getting the reward for their crops and planning
for expansion of agriculture production and want to participate at the state level to display their crops

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