IGSSS has been implementing a project on Disaster Risk Reduction “Capacitiy Building in Resilience in Odiasha”  in highly vulnerable Villages of Khalikote Block, Ganjam District of Odisha.

Large parts of the Khalikote Block is highly vulnerable to quick onset emergencies due to its proximity to the Chilka Lake, Bay of Bengal. Through the project, IGSSS has facilitated the community in Disaster Management Teams (DMT) and built their capacities through sessions on emergency preparedness, mock drills etc.

Early one morning, a few youth from Dimiria saw smoke from the jungle in the nearby hills known as Sano Ghati, one kilometer away from Dimiria and immediately alerted their DMT members. Immediately, the 25 members launched into their emergency response plan. A few cycled for a closer look and alerted the households residing in Sano Ghati. The others called up the Fire Brigade and rushed to Sano Gahti. Soon, the fire was put out.

An area of about 1.5 to 2 acre of jungle was burnt, but the quick action by Dimiria DMT helped avert a major disaster. The 40 households who resided 400 meters away would most certainly have been affected and their thatched homes destroyed in the fire.

“The project has brought unity among us. Earlier, we would have looked the other way if the emergency did not affect us. At best, it would have been each person to his own. Now, have realized our collective strengthen in averting and tackling any emergency”, said a proud DMT member of Dimiria.