Write up on key responsible taken by the VDRMC and Taskforce volunteers during Flood.

On 9th July 2019, Aie River flowing downstream from the foothill of Bhutan has cause a sever flood affecting the villages lying on the bank of the Aie river. Dababil village situated in the midst of river was among the worst affected, where all the dwellers have to flew to the relief camp for their temporary shelter for 3 months and could never return back to their village (all the village were damaged and sand casted which is not suitable for habitation any more).

During the flood VDRMC (Village Disaster Risk Management Committee) and Village Taskforce Volunteer played a key role in execution of evacuation and setting up of Relief camp. A temporary Relief camp was set up in an Embankment, where they had to take shelter for 7days. SDRF team came twice to rescue them but failed due to the high current of the river. On the 7th day, they were evacuated to the other side of the river at Subaijhar with the help of SSB team along with VDRMC and Taskforce volunteers. “The trainings we received have been very profitable to us, as a result of which we could rescue the people safely without any injury” says VDRMC president of Dababil.

On the other hand, New Banglajhora, West Banglajhora and Kasibari of Kokrajhar district are the village where the lands are decreasing each year by erosion; it is seen as one of the major concern when it comes to the negative changes. The village is surrounded by the river called Saralbhanga. In 2019, with the rise in water level the villagers were affected with the shortage of food as communications were shattered, cut off from the all sides supplies couldn’t reach from the other side and along with it there were some of the delivery patients who waited for the river to subside at risks with no connectivity facilities and hospitals/sub centres within or nearby villages. These were some of the challenges that the responders had to face during the monsoon. With all the efforts and struggles the VDRMC committee took an initiative to not let its villagers lose hope but have faith from within. The VDRMC committee and Taskforce group contributed in coordination and transportation of the patients and supply of rations by a raft made out of tire tubes.

Through various awareness programs and training, VDRMCs and Task force volunteer could take key responsible in evacuation of the vulnerable people and setting up of relief camps during the flood. The community people along with VDRMC could also initiate the process for claiming of entitlements for their losses due to flood through the awareness of DM policies. Therefore, we can say that the Knowledge that the community has gain trough various awareness programs and trainings could serve them to some extent.