Barik from Natun Salmara village, Assam is a poultry farmer who went into debt after his poultry birds suffered unexpected death. North-East is prone to floods & such things are common for people to experience. He was devastated because he couldn’t find a solution for it 

Barik attended a 10 day’s residential training on livestock farming and management organized by IGSSS in collaboration with the College of Veterinary Sciences.

He built a stilt poultry farm with cemented floor escaping him from the wrath of floods and its repercussions.  He doubled his income within a month owing to his newly gained knowledge.

his successful attempt to save his livelihood, he has conducted sensitization program on scientific poultry farming for some of the poultry farmers from the Village about major diseases of poultry birds and its control measures.

They say, It’s always about finding ways to alter your life and Barik did it with his aspirations and will.