I broke down when I heard “No Adhar, no ration”, from ration dealer. Thank you, Lakshmi, Lata and Manju didi for helping me in applying for my Adhar Card”, said Rekha, 20 years, Palaspali slum, Ward 53, Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.

Rekha’s earnings as a construction labor is the sole means of support to her family. Her husband is suffering from tuberculosis and cannot go to work. A notification from the corporation made Aadhar card and bank account became mandatory to receive ration last year. Rekha opened a bank account and applied for a Aadhar Card.

Despite repeated requests to the local ward member, she was met with various excuses from the local cooperators such as submission of improper documents for the adhar application. From February 2018, the ration shop refused to provide her rations. This meant she could not benefit from the subsided rates given by the ration shop.

The slum collective women in facilitation with the Samaveshi Inclusive team (a part of IGSSS project Samaveshi Seher) collected the documents from Rekha and advocated with the departmental officials for immediate issuing of Aadhar card to Rekha. With the Collectives support, Rekha received her card and was able to again get her rations. She is very happy with the assistance she received from local collective, CFAR and IGSSS project team.