Reported By: Proshin Ghosh, Sr .Programme Officer, Kolkata


Deputation for drinking water_Cuttack


Cuttack,Odisha: Members of around 157 families were suffering from cholera, diarrhoea, dengue, malaria and various gastroenteritis diseases continuously due to unavailability of potable water and unhygienic surroundings.


The sole functioning tube well was contaminated. Our partner under urban poverty reduction programme Indian Institution for Education & Care (IIEC) facilitated the formation of a collective in the slum and helped in creating awareness amongst the community on rights, government entitlements and schemes. Gradually, the collective members started participating in ward meetings, interfaces with Municipal Corporation and other concerned departments.


Finally, the collective members met the Executive Engineer, PHED (Public Health & Engineering Department) and requested for setting up of a water point.  Following a visit to the slum by PHED officials, their request was granted. The slum is now being provided with drinking water through water tankers. The PHED has also assured the slum dwellers for installing water points in the slum.