Location of the project: Block-Gola, District- Ramgarh
Nature of initiative: Direct Implementation 

Start date of the project: 1st January, 2018 –31st December, 2022

Brief info on project: The proposed project area comprises 15 villages in Gola block of Ramgarh district. A rigorous Participatory Vulnerability Capacity Assessment (PVCA) and Technical Feasibility Study (TFS) were conducted in these villages. The challenges faced by these communities are low family income from small plots, poor resource base and knowledge to increase net sown area, inability to leverage market access and limited opportunities for diversified livelihoods for women and youth. The key responses are to improve capacities by promoting judicious NRM in the community through soil-water-plantation conservation measures.

Key Achievements of the intervention

  • 15 Community Based Organizations (CBOs) formed, who are actively participating in small community driven initiatives.
  • CBOs looking for matching grants from Gola Block, where they have attracted the BDO to fund for Orchard Development.
  • Orchard Development with Vegetable cultivation Model under PAVE Project have attracted the attention of the Block officials and they have included IGSSS’s name in the Primary Program Plan under Birsha Munda Horticulture Scheme, which have been submitted to Jharkhand State Government.

The PAVE project have attracted individual donors, one of whom have funded for renovation of 2 defunct wells, which will 1 5 farmers and help bring 2.5 acres of fallow land into cultivation in atleast 2 season.