RFP – FPO Training

Indo-Global Social Service Society (IGSSS) is looking for FPO Trainer for training on different aspects of FPO management and governance.

We invite proposal from individuals/organizations to come up with a project proposal along with their individual portfolio, reports of similar assignments (if any) and honorium (fee inclusive of GST). The individual will be selected on Technical aspect i.e. experience and education besides the fee/honorarium quoted.


IGSSS’s Bhoomi Ka Project, aims at transforming the food ecosystem and increase access of small holder farmers to clean, green and fair markets. It is promoted under the project ‘Promoting sustainable consumption and production systems for safe and organic food systems in India’ supported by the European Union and SwitchAsia and Welthungerhilfe on creating Rural-Urban connect by providing support to and creating linkages between small holder farmers, small businesses, and consumers.

  1. Objective 
    Bhoomi Ka is looking for a consultant/agency to design and organise a training and capacity building workshop for Board of Directors and staff of three FPOs in Punjab and Haryana. The objective of the workshop is the following-
    • BoDs & staff develop good understanding around FPO and motivate them towards good governance of FPO.
    • Train and build capacities of BoDs & CEOs to support and strengthen their FPO and develop strong business outlook
    • Support FPO develop its business strategy and action plan for one year
  2. Timeline: 
    The workshop shall be organised and completed within a month of signing the contract.
  3. Application Process
    Consultant/consulting firm with appropriate skill and experience should apply with
    • Detailed response to the Request for Proposal (RFP), with specific focus addressing the scope of work, 
    • Profile or CVs/Resumes of the trainers.
    • Financial Proposal

The last date for sending the proposal, inclusive of fee (incld GST) and other details as mentioned above is August 15, 2022, at hr@igsss.net. Shortlisted individuals/ organizations will be contacted for detailed discussion. Following which final selection for the assignment will be conducted.