Youth Initiative for Empowering Leadership and Development (YIELD) programme is a youth initiative aimed at empowering marginalized youths from different slums in Delhi. The goal of this project is to facilitate young people to reclaim their own locus of control and also work with other stakeholders to ensure that they are viewed as change agents with a critical stake in self, society and nation building.

With a series of workshops organized on capacity building and self-exploratory activities, the programme has contributed in raising active citizens and social change agents through facilitating demonstration of socio-political understanding, networking with Government institutions and civil society Organizations.

Key Achievements:

  • 300 Youth mobilized in first year.
  • 60% youth emerging out as active citizens, responding to common development related work in their area

40% of the youth will be working as social change agents (youth development facilitators/ NGO leaders/ issue based leaders) in their area of personal calling