As part of IGSSS’s National COVID-19 Relief Response, a potters community of 30 households residing in Nayapara urban settlement in Durg, Chhattisgarh were supported with Dry Rations Kits.

Each kit contained nutritious food green moong, arhar daal, rice, oil, sattu, dailah, Chikki, wheat flour, jhurga and soybean.

“I have a small daughter and wife to feed at home. My business of pottery is not running well. I’m happy that they will be eating happily and sleep without hunger.”
– Ramu Kumbhar

“I am so happy. We have not received anything in so many months. No ration, no money. This kit is a relief for us.”
– Trivedi Bai

“I am the only earner here. I have not earned a rupee for the last four months. We do not even have money to have meals two times a day. Dinner is made up of leftovers from lunch if we at all have. We did not expect this. I’m so happy. I’ll make soybean for dinner.”
– Indrakautin Kumbhar

“Not only lockdown, ever since all the plastic replacements came in, but I am also finding it very difficult to survive. We are small potters. How can we compete against big companies?”
– Shiv Kumbhar

“During Diwali, we earn around 8000/- rupees and somewhere around three thousand in the other months. Since lockdown, our work has stopped completely. Thank you for giving us the kit. At least I am spared from buying ration for my family.”
– Malti Bai