Written By: Vipul Dixit, Officer Partnership Management, New Delhi


Facts on Droughts


  • So far, 10 of India’s 29 states have declared a state of drought, following two years of below-average monsoon rains


  • More than 130 talukas in 256 districts in 10 states of the country have been declared drought-hit.


  • The highest number of villages hit by the water shortage–42,829–was reported in the Madhya Pradesh state in central India, followed by 29,077 villages in the eastern state of Orissa and 22,759 in Karnataka in the south.


  • 33 crore people in these 256 districts are affected by drought which is 25 per cent of the total population of our country. These include 30 million people in Karnataka, 36.9 million in Maharashtra, 16.7 million in Orissa, 23.5 million in Andhra Pradesh, 17.8 million in Telangana and 99 million in Uttar Pradesh.


Photo-1_Bihar_droughtGlimpse of a dried up pond in Nalanda district of Bihar


No sign of water in a 12 acre pond in Neyar village, Rajgir


Ahar converted into agriculture field in Rohi Village, Gaya


Dried Check Dam in Bhagaha Village at Rajgir


Dry floor of Kolhua Ahar on Pymar River in Rajgir