Our cities now face multiple challenges of multi-dimensional poverty, policy frameworks that are not suited to the lives of urban poor – workers groups, the looming climate crisis, urban governance concerns and the rapidly changing demography of the urban dwellers themselves.

It is in this context that this new initiative by IGSSS is imagined to address these emerging needs of our urban centres is launched. Sustainable cities – or Satat Shehar, in Hindi, is the logical next step from the Inclusive cities (Samaveshi Shehar) program. The three-year program is being funded by Misereor and Secours Catholique.

This conceptualization is based on imagining cities not just on the basis of inclusion, but also on the need for public participation, city resilience and sustainability. A holistic vision of cities that are inclusive,  democratic and resilient. This program aims to enable sustainable cities by the empowered urban poor communities through people led sustainable actions at the local, city, state and national levels.

It will be implemented in more than  25 cities impacting 1,50,000 most marginal urban poor – workers and make our cities inclusive, democratic and resilient for them and also us!    

The program was launched online in the presence of IGSSS team and partners. Mr  Sandeep Chachra, Executive Director, Action Aid India and Co-Chair at the World Urban Campaign, UN-Habitat was the special guest at the event, who, later tweeted, “Many Congratulations @IGSSS. “Satat Shehar” Sustainable Cities Campaign is indeed a timely advance. It will contribute to the advancement of the #NewUrbanAgenda and to strengthening people’s right to the city”.