Reported By : Mr. Basant Kumar, Officer Programmes, Odisha
Edited By : Communications Team




Bhubaneswar, Odisha: IGSSS as part of its post Phailin livelihood rehabilitation programme in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh has been focusing on developing community based preparedness and with this approach it has facilitated the development of a contingency plan in association with its partners. The contingency plan has been developed in 29 villages where the project is being implemented through the Village Disaster Management Committee (VDMC).


Recently a state level consultation was organized in Bhubaneswar for the dissemination and sharing of this contingency plan by the VDMC members with the objective of getting this incorporated in the block and district level plan. Participants including VDMC members, PRI members, DMT members, development sector professionals, IAG members and dignitaries from the state offices of the Red Cross Society and UNDP attended the consultation. Dr. Ambika Prasad Nanda, Regional Head, UNDP and Dr. Chakradhara Panda, Secretary, Indian Redcross Society and Mr. Kailash Das, Executive Director, RCDC were the key speakers at the event.


Dr. Nanda in his address focused on the active involvement of women and children in the preparation of such contingency plans as they are the most vulnerable ones during disaster situations. She emphasized on how during the super cyclone in 1999, women and children figured in maximum numbers  in casualty list and so their participation is imperative for the development of a successful contingency plan and also in developing the task force. Dr. Panda stressed that institutions like SHGs, youth clubs, farmers’ schools, colleges, Panchayat offices, etc., all should have their own contingency plan to contribute to a successful village level contingency plan.


Following this, the VDMCs shared the contingency plans which was recently developed by them. Further, the platform was used to discuss about the roles and responsibilities of PRI and VDMC members towards execution of the plan.