Jhabua,Madhya Pradesh: IGSSS organised Hand Washing activity  for children from 0-5 years in  eight villages. Around 300 villagers  comprising children and  their parents participated in the event.It was held in the Anganwadi centre of the respective villages  on  the  occasion of Global Hand Washing Day.


The  importance  of  integrating  healthy  habits such as  keeping the environment clean, adopting hygienic practices, drinking safe water and washing hands with soap was discussed in detail. It was shared with the community that maintaining hand hygiene will help to prevent illnesses and diseases. Hand Washing with soap is one of the most economical step  to  control the spread of diseases like diarrohea and acute respiratory infections.


Further,it was shared with the community that as per the UNICEF report, Diarrhea and pneumonia together accounts for almost 3.5 million child deaths annually.Incorporating simple habits such as  hand washing with soap before and after eating  and after using toilet has helped to a great extent reduce death by these diseases.


Before the  conclusion of  the meeting, each  of the participants were made to wash their hands with soap.The participants  shared that it was a learning experience for them. They realised that how by adopting small behavior changes,they can save their children from falling prey to life threatening diseases and also contribute in reducing mortality rates.



Reported By:  Mr. Prashant Thorat, Coordinator, Programmes,Jhabua