Reported By : Mr.Basanta Panigrahi, Project Officer, Odisha


staff with medicine distribution



Srikakulam,Andhra Pradesh:IGSSS initiated sanitation drive and conducted health camp along with partner organisation BRED in Idduvanipalem village which came under the spate of cyclone Hudhud. Around 266 people were reached through the health camp.


In the aftermath of cyclone Hudhud, the village surroundings and water bodies were sprinkled with bleaching powder and chlorine tablet was distributed to each household so as to prevent contamination of water and spread of water borne and other diseases.However, during the sanitation drive,discussions with the community brought to the fore that they were suffering from various diseases such as dehydration,viral fever, flu and asthma. Children suffering from malnutrition were also detected.


Keeping in view the medical need of the community, a health camp was organised. Thorough check up of each of the villagers was conducted;they were provided with necessary medical counselling and free medicines.The children were provided with vitamin tonics,for the dehydrated children ORS was given and the parents were instructed about the adequate dosage. Besides,eye drops were given to patients detected with eye diseases.Few critical cases were referred to the nearby hospital for further treatment and all help was assured by IGSSS team members towards availing treatment.


The 650 odd house hold populated Idduvanipalem village is situated very close to Bay of Bengal and is vulnerable to disasters like cyclone, heavy rains and floods.The cyclone Hudhud which made a landfall on 12th October,2014, severely affected the Idduvanipalem village.Shelter and assets of several villagers were destroyed and 70 percent crops were damaged, exposing the community to an uncertain future as their source of livelihood was lost.