Reported By: Mr.Kaplianlal Thangluai, Assistant Manager and Ms.Christina Ronghipi, Officer, Northeast

Edited By : Communications Team


Peace Action


Guwahati: IGSSS team organised the first core committee meeting, held as part of the Peace Action Programme launched in the conflict vulnerable areas of Bodo territorial Council and Karbi Anglong,Assam.The committee is a crucial forum set up towards steering the peace initiative in the conflict stricken areas through active community involvement.


The highlight of the meeting included suggestions of diverse nature towards promulgating peace centric information and activities in the region. It was shared that while forming the women peace groups, the strategic focus should be on population irrespective of caste, creed, religion, community and self-interest. Further,a forum will be formed comprising key and influential people from the existing women group who will be responsible towards leading and administering the group,also safeguarding against the danger of diversion or conflicting interest.


The core committee members were urged towards helping in identifying members and setting up the women group and forum as most of the members hailed from the local areas. It was also discussed that women group members should be given space to equally participate in decision making table which will eventually influence the policy making process.


Few committee members voiced that women initiative for peace building is important as women are good negotiators and are concerned about the surroundings and the impact of conflict on them.


However, few challenges were also discussed, wherein the committee members shared that it is difficult to organise the women groups as it is scattered and in times of crisis it becomes difficult to bring the different group together for a common cause.


The meeting ended with the sharing of draft role and responsibilities of core committee members.The draft will be further enhanced based on the recommendations and suggestions of the core committee members.