Reported By: Sajad Ahmad and Shubeena Ayoub, Associate Coordinators,Kashmir
Edited By: Communications Team


Peace Education

Kashmir: IGSSS under the project “Promoting Localized Empowering Actions for Peace and Stability (PLEAPS)” organized Community peace education workshops in Bandipora and Baramulla district of Kashmir with around 100 participants comprising Youth, Women, PRI members and community leaders.


The prime objective of the workshop was to enhance the knowledge of the community on the concept of peace and the need to educate communities on resolving prevalent conflicting issues. The focus of the workshop was to promote peace education. Workshop activities included experience-sharing, discussion on the current state of peace at community level, as well as issues disabling the peace processes.


During the discussion process, it was shared that peace education will focus on promoting knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to bring about behaviour change that will enable women,youth and adults to prevent conflict and violence and will create conditions of peace, whether at an interpersonal, intergroup, village or community level. Peace education will enable individuals to realise skills which will help in understanding the reasons behind conflict situations and realisation of need to deal with such situations swiftly and effectively.
The participants were encouraged to identify the barriers and types of conflicting issues affecting peace in their community and how they can take concrete steps towards addressing such situations. The participants felt that more such workshops need to be conducted at the village level so as to enhance the knowledge of the locals. The youth also expressed willingness to organise and host such events in their respective villages.