Reported By: Paulalzom, Associate Co-ordinator, Churachandpur


Peace Building


Churachandpur, Manipur: Manipur is home to multi – ethnic, multi – linguistic and multi – religious communities, but the state is counted amongst one of the most backward in the country. This could be attributed to several factors such as poverty, communication and infrastructure bottleneck, lack of industrialization, high level of unemployment, growing insurgency and essentially, social unrest.


As part of our growing understanding of the state scenario with a background of conflict, we realized that engaging with the Youth and regular discussion with them on issues of development could be a roadmap to address these concerns and help them bring about constructive change. As part of this process, a Peace Building Workshop was organized on 29th June 2016, in collaboration with Thadou Kuki Student Union (TKSU).


Key speaker, Dr.Rev. Kh. Khaizakham, a renowned orator and a retired Theological College Principal, spoke about the need of faith based institutions to take initiative on peace dialogue and restorative process. He stressed on the fact that we need to resolve our differences over the negotiating table, not on the streets.


The other honorary speaker, Mr. Lalramsang Infimate, Assistant District Magistrate, Bishnupur said, “Peace without Justice is only a Mirage”. Sharing his experiences in his service on the situation prevailing in Manipur and among different ethnic group, Shri Infimate stressed on the roles of the youth and different communities to work collectively for restoration of harmony in the society. He concluded on the note that once justice prevails, peace and development will follow.


Feedback from the participants were very encouraging as they shared the need for having more of  this type of participatory and consultative program wherein different communities residing in Churachandpur come together and exchanges ideas and thought. Such interaction within different communities bridge and enhance confidence and trust.