Reported By: Basant Panigrahi, Officer Programmes, East Zone
Edited By: Communications Team


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Odisha: IGSSS has recently initiated a programme on “Promoting Recovery and Rehabilitation of Flood Affected Families in Odisha” supported by Christian Aid. The project will cover 20 coastal villages in Ganjam and Puri. It aims at contributing to the recovery and resilience building of flood and cyclone affected vulnerable communities through the promotion of sustainable livelihood and disaster risk reduction. The intervention began with a baseline survey of 1000 families in the 20 villages.


In this context, a two day orientation workshop was conducted in two different places of Ganjam and Puri district. The focus was to orient the field volunteers on the baseline survey to ensure accurate and error free data collection.


Prior to this orientation, 20 village volunteers, one from each village were recruited by the IGSSS team. Following which the volunteers attended the orientation along with the IGSSS project staff. The objective of baseline survey was clearly explained to the participants followed by discussions on survey and the questionnaire pattern.


After the orientation session a field testing was carried out by the volunteers in the nearby village in presence of the programme team. After collection of the data a session was also organized on the verification of data so as to avoid any discrepancies at the earliest possible stage of the survey.


A feedback session after the collection of data was also organized to discuss including means of verification of the data by the volunteers as well as the project team. As a way forward, responsibilities for data collection by volunteers, data checking and validation by the project team and timelines were finalized. Through this baseline survey IGSSS hopes the project will have better clarity in terms of objectives as well as in ensuring that most important issues of social development are intervened upon.