Reported by Arpita Macwan, Officer – Partnership Management, Ahmedabad


Network Meeting


Ahmedabad, Gujarat: A daylong meeting was organized by IGSSS with seven partners implementing the Urban Poverty Programme – Samaveshi Sheher.  The two pronged discussion agenda included understanding the context of urban poor in different cities and the expertise of each partner organisations on different urban issues.


Discussions brought to the fore the concerns about poor governance in the cities and media apathy in highlighting human rights violations of the urban poor. As the cities continue to grow, with globalization leading to massive infrastructural development and increasing focus on privatization, it is leading to mass evictions of urban poor, impacting their livelihood and restricting them from accessing basic amenities.   The urban poor are struggling to meet their daily needs and are also being subjected to discrimination on the grounds of gender, caste and poverty. More and more Youth in the city are getting addicted to drugs and alcoholism due to unemployment which is leading them astray and falling prey to crime gangs.


The day ended on the note that the partner organisations will extend their support towards formulating strategies against eviction, addressing seasonal migration, working on policy level advocacy and contributing towards basic facilitation of services to Urban Poor.