Reported By: Ms. Karishma Sharma, Officer Programmes, Northeast



Conditional cash transfer



Bongaigaon, Assam: IGSSS ensured Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) for the women affected by conflict from Bodo and Muslim community across 21 villages. The initiative intended towards supporting the women and their families start livelihood interventions. The women from both the communities shared that they will utilize the amount towards purchasing livestock and will engage into live stock rearing as income generation activities.


While implementing this programme, special focus was on women dealing with severe psychosocial problems, single women and widow headed families,whose earning members passed away or who became differently abled as a fall out of the conflict.


The cash transfer intervention also ensured opening of bank accounts for each of the recipients as the amounts were directly transferred to the bank accounts directly in a bid to avoid duplicity or any fraudulence. It was implemented under the programme ‘Holistic Healing through Psycho-social intervention for Conflict Transformation in Assam’ supported by Dan Church Aid (DCA).


The outbreak of riots between the two ethnic communities since July 2012 resulted in the loss of 102 lives to date and the displacement of an estimated 4, 65,315 people. People had to take shelter either in the relief camps or flee to the nearby districts to save their lives. Presently, government and other humanitarian organizations have been working with the distressed people with the purpose towards helping them resettle. The effort has led to some of return to their houses while some are still forced to live in the relief camps.