Reported by :  Ms. Hemalata Rawat, Officer, Youth Development


New Delhi - National Youth Day

New Delhi: IGSSS organised an interface meeting with the migrant and urban homeless youth concerning their issues on the occasion of International Youth Day. These were mostly young people who migrated from cities like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.




The youth shared that lack of livelihood opportunities in the villages,family dispute and in some cases lack of emotional support which prompted them to leave their native places and migrate to  the cities.However, in the absence of economic resources and social support, they ended up living on the street, under the flyover and in the slums.


The participants mostly belonging from 15-35 years age group shared that they have to spend all their time working towards earning bread and butter for themselves and their family. Poverty coupled with lack of higher education and vocational skills, often forces most of these homeless youth to work in hazardous conditions. Thus, they fall prey to various kinds of health problems and mental stress.


Adolescent girls shared concerns about their safety and hygiene, specially life gets very difficult for those living on the streets. They urged that concrete steps should be taken by police and concerned Government department towards ensuring them protection against sexual abuse and violence.


Besides these discussions, the importance of the International Youth Day was also shared with the youth. They were  informed about the Constitutional Rights guaranteed to every citizen of the country and were encouraged to use them to stand up for their rights. Two documentaries were screened during the event.