Written By: Manisha Kumar, Asst. Manager Urban Poverty

Edited By: Communications Team

Rickshaw Sahayta Kendra


Ghaziabad,Uttar Pradesh : A first of its kind, “Rickshaw Majdoor Sahayta Kendra” was inaugurated in Ghaziabad on 7th of January. A concept proposed by the Ghaziabad Rickshaw Majdoor Union (formed by IGSSS with its implementation partner, Lakshmi), The Sahayta Kendra aimed to provide a helping hand to the rickshaw pullers in need for repair, seeking health support and information on government schemes etc.


GRMU recognized that the rickshaw pullers were mostly migrants who come to the city leaving their families behind and many a time ended up in huge financial crisis. The facilities which will be made available through the Sahayta Kendra are repairing of Rickshaw at nominal prices, awareness about the government welfare schemes and linkage with them, adult literacy program (wherever needed), collaborations with de-addiction programs and centers and healthy food at nominal prices.
The inauguration ceremony was attended by the rickshaw pullers of Ghaziabad along with police authorities in charge of the area as guests. The ceremony not only helped in boosting up the morale of the members but also provided a platform to Rickshaw pullers to voice their feedback. The Police officials offered their support to the community in terms of being more sensitive towards their problems.


The Ward Members and the officials assured the Union that they would facilitate a meeting of GRMU with the city Mayor for various issues of rickshaw pullers including non-issuing of license to them, fixed routes for auto rickshaws, rickshaw stands etc.