Reported By : Ms.Meeta Bhandari, Project Coordinator, Urban Poverty Programme


Eye camp

New Delhi: IGSSS conducted eye camp for the residents of the baljeet nagar slum and also for the Burmese refugees residing in the refugee colony in Janakpuri.The camp was organised in association with AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and Shivanand Institute. Around 170 people benefited from the camp.

Poor living conditions in the slum areas and refugee colony coupled with lack of basic facilities, lack of awareness about hygiene and sanitation, exposes the residents to a multitude of health risks. The health camp was thus organised keeping in view the immediate heath requirement of the slum dwellers in the baljeet nagar area and the Burmese refugees. A survey was conducted beforehand to understand the need of the residents.


The health camp in baljeet nagar catered to various needs of the patients comprising of the slum dwellers and the underprivileged. Eye check up, blood pressure, diabetes and weight measurement was conducted. Further, it was assured by the IGSSS team members that free treatment and operation cost will be facilitated for the individuals detected with cataract and those who lost their eye sight.


Taking the series of the health camps forward, an eye camp was organised for the Burmese refugees in Janakpuri. Besides, conducting the health camp in the similar manner as was carried out in the Baljeet nagar area, free distribution of spectacles was also ensured for the individuals whose eyes needed immediate attention. Prior to conducting the health camps, sensitizing training with regard to collection of health information was also organised with few IGSSS team members by the doctors from AIIMS which helped towards accurate information collection.


The slum dwellers of baljeet nagar has been a victim of several evictions and the murky living conditions exposes them to innumerable diseases and illnesses and majority of the population also lack awareness about hygienic living conditions. Similarly,the Burmese refugees are also plagued with several issues such as identity crisis, unable to communicate in the local language and lack of access to government welfare schemes.Such issues also impede them to access the available public health services and make them susceptible to poor health conditions.