In India estimates say that there are 9 core women domestic workers and 61th round of NSSO 2004-2005 says that the number is 4.47 crores. In total domestic workers, 90% are women and children in the age group of 12 to 75 and also in this 25% are the below the age of 14 years. According to the NSSO 2005 this area is the biggest area of employment in urban India. This is the one area which is growing rapidly, it has increased 222% from 1990-2000. But the sad thing is that 84% of women domestic workers are still not getting the minimum wages (NSSO-2007). 

In an attempt towards supporting the issues of domestic workers, the “Gharelu Kamgar Haq Abhiyan” was launched in 10 cities of Uttar Pradesh. To read more about the campaign Click Here